Saturday, February 02, 2008


A couple nights ago I went for sushi with Uffish and a couple other girls.

Afterwards we decided to go up a block for gelato from Maestro's. Their gelato is excellent.

"Do you have any ginger?" Uffish asked the guys behind the counter.

"No..." one of them said, "We do have crepes, though."

Uffish looked at him for a few seconds and then said "OH! You misheard me! I asked if you had any ginger flavored gelato."

"Oh," the guy said "Yeah, sometimes we have that but we don't right now."

He had totally thought she asked if they served dinner. Which I still giggle about because who goes to a gelato store for dinner?

Then we ordered our gelato and it was delicious. The end.


LJ said...

Hooray for sushi and gelato both! Miss you.

agmtri said...

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