Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mall Job Entertainment

I've been sorting papers this evening. I tend to save wayyy more stuff than I need to. (But! What if I need the receipt for my hairspray that I bought in London almost a year ago and have since thrown away because it was crappy and cost less than a dollar for the whole can??)

Anyhow, I did find something kind of funny. (Actually, I've found several funny things, but this is one that I think I meant to post about a while ago.)

Back before the flood at the mall, when in our old location and business was hopping, there used to always be at least a few of us working at once. It was sometimes kind of boring, and I came up with a game. I was planning on playing it solitaire-style, but my coworkers wanted to participate too.

The way it worked was, I made a list of things to watch for. (It was kind of like a situation scavenger hunt crossed with the game Phase 10.) Once you saw the first thing, you initialed it, and then you could start watching for the second thing. Whoever observed all ten items first won.

Here's the list:

1. Someone who speaks Spanish. [Super easy.]
2. Someone whose shoes match their outfit really well. [And the shoes had to match more than just their purse.]
3. Two girls trying on sunglasses.
4. "This is so cute."
5. Full price item on the sale rack. [The sale rack is near the fitting rooms, so people sometimes hang their stuff that they don't want there. It's really annoying, because we try to pull out the stuff that's full price, and all of the sale items have SALE stickers on their tags, but sometimes we miss stuff and then people are mad at us when they discover at the register that the cute new thing they fell in love with isn't really half price.]
6. Someone wearing glasses who wants to get into a dressing room.
7. Someone who asks what the exchange policy is. [It is posted EVERYWHERE, and we tell every single person who buys something.]
8. Someone who asks where something is from on a mannequin.
9. Someone who asks to get down an aqua jacket. [This was a tricky one. It required someone to ask us to use a pole to get down a specific thing.]
10. Someone who asks us to hold 'till Monday. [We only hold things until closing...]


LJ said...

You need to add "Someone holding a badger" or "a baby on a leash."

dimmi said...

Blast. How could I have forgotten "Someone holding a badger"? That's something we see all the time.