Friday, May 09, 2008

Netflix - one month free trial

Anyone want to try Netflix?

They always offer a two week trial online, but I just got a thing in the mail today saying "Thanks for being a member!" and including four cards with codes for a free one month trial.

I've been using Netflix for about six months now and I really like it. I tend to use it most for TV shows on DVD so that I'm not paying $4 per disc at Hollywood/Blockbuster. It's also really good for stuff that's usually hard to find. Foreign films and documentaries and stuff (and many TV shows on DVD).

If you've been wanting to try it, comment or let me know and I'll email you one of the codes and instructions. Or, you can have the little card if you really want it.

You don't have to keep a subscription if you try it.


Thirdmango said...

As a second endorsement, I've been using it for 2.5 years now, and love it to death. I get the three at a time for 20 dollars and with the frequency I watch things tend to get between 20-30 dvds a month. Also the customer service is awesome.

Olympus said...

Hey dimmi. I'd like to do it, actually. I'll email you. :) Thanks for the offer!!

theonewon said...

Hey there, i see that you are at the U of U, im currently at SLCC, but xferring to the U next year. i dont know how old your post is but if you still have the netflix referrals with the one month free offer i would love to try netflix out. well... preemptive-thanks and the the U of U better beat BYU in football this year. if not i think i might lose faith in them. - JPM

Emily said...

theonewon: You can follow this link to get the page offering one month.*dBJYc2mUH2k0nFZUogIOziuvxb0Smo-&domainid=GMAIL.COM&purl=

wandy jack said...

The stuff you are writing blows out my to get american netflix in canada