Friday, May 02, 2008

Woopra is Super-a.

A little while ago, my mom and I found out about Woopra, which is becoming kind of popular because it's the first tracking thing that gives live statistics.

I have to say, I do love Google Analytics. I set up that back when registration was limited to businesses, and I had to pretend I owned a business. I have a lot of fun with it. I like seeing who comes to visit my blog, and from where. I like seeing what random stuff people searched for on Google that led them to me. My list of "things that makes me happy" gets a lot of hits, actually. Lately I get "Hot UPS guy" hits, too. And there are always a few crazy ones.

And to be quite honest, I really expected Woopra to be just another something created to be another something. (You know, like the 70000 social networking sites. Who needs Multiply or College Tonight when Facebook and Lymabean do that stuff so much better?) AND, my username on Woopra isn't "XX_x_IluvuBilly999x_x_XX", like you have to do with AIM and a lot of things, or even "emily25". My username on Woopra is "emily". Which either means Woopra isn't popular, or it means I'm a really early adapter. [Note, as I found links for the end of this post, I think they make it look like this sort of started 30 March, so signing up on 31 March is pretty early, I guess.]

And then today my mom shared a post on Google Reader that talked about people selling Woopra invites on eBay. Huh. That was how I got Gmail invites before everyone I knew. I signed up to have my site approved 31 March, forgot all about it, and finally got an invite to Woopra on 27 April. Today I set it up. Actually, I did about 40 minutes ago.

Not only is Woopra not "just another tracking site", it turns out to be really really amazing and fun to play with. I went onto my blog, and I could see that I was there.

SO, in conclusion: go visit some website that shows the features of Woopra better than I can, and if you're into tracking stuff on your blog, you probably want to sign up for an invite ASAP, since it sounds like they're getting close to being out of them for awhile.

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