Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yesterday - Twitter, Elder Holland, and Summer Party #1

Well, yesterday was a pretty good day.

1. When I first got my iphone, a guy I knew told me all about Twitter, and every time I check out the new programs listed on Installer, the Twitter client shows up. And theotherdrummer keeps posting about it, too. So finally, yesterday I set up a Twitter account. It's fun. I think I almost need to start carrying my charger with me, because I'm constantly checking it. I tried to update my status once, and it turned out that Twitter was down for a couple hours. That was lame.

2. Anyway, yesterday my roommates and I threw a party. I wanted to have a casino night and mocktails party because I have one of those daiquiri mixes in my freezer, and I love those, but it seems lame to drink alone. (Even non-alcoholic drinks are lame to drink alone.) So we planned to have this party last night. And Thursday, my roommate went shopping for party stuff. She found some recipes for mocktails online, and just went to like Walmart or somewhere to get the stuff. It took her five trips from her car to bring all the stuff upstairs.

She told two funny things from shopping. First, she was in the alcohol-mixer-things section, and someone asked her if she knew if they also had wine. (She told them she had no idea. But it was still kind of weird, because the random person just assumed she was a drinker because she was getting that stuff.) The other telling little story from shopping was, her cashier asked her if she was "stocking a bar". She kind of went all out. I thought we would have 5-6 drinks that we would plan on making...but...she chose seventeen mixed drinks. I really do think we had enough stuff for like 150 people to have 2-3 drinks each.

We emailed yesterday to discuss other things that still needed to be done, and final stuff to pick up from the grocery store. She forgot fresh mint, and we still needed cups and beverage napkins, and a few more snacky things to put in bowls around the living room.

3. I went to the grocery store after school, and as I was leaving, just walking along the sidewalk in front of the store, I passed Elder Holland! His car was parked in the first row of parking, up along the sidewalk that I was walking on. He was closing his car doors, and going towards the driver's seat. "Hi!" I said. "Hi, how are you?" he asked me. "Good. How are you?" I told him. "Good." He said. "Thanks." He was like 5-8 feet away from me, and it was just him and I there, exchanging pleasantries. That was kind of fun, because the other times I've seen apostles, it's always been with thousands of other people, and from far away. Also, I was very pleased that I recognized him.

There was this seminary story, probably from an Ensign or New Era, about a lesson some seminary class had. The teacher put on clips of different popular music, and the class had to name each artist. The class did great. They knew all the popular songs and stuff. And then, the teacher put on clips of conference, and the students were supposed to try and name the apostles who were speaking, and like...they didn't do very well, at all. And the idea from the lesson and the story about the lesson was, it kind of shows us where our priorities lie if we can identify all the actors and singers and we know all that stuff, but then we can't recognize the voices of the Lord's apostles.

Being from California, people see celebrities all the time. I've met a bunch of them. And I always kind of wondered if I would be able to recognize an apostle. Back in high school, I definitely would not have been able to. So I was really pleased that my priorities have shifted enough that I'm more familiar with the apostles. I can't name music artists, or actors, either, but the point is the same.

4. So yeah, the party was fun. A bunch of people came, but not as many as we had hoped. We should have advertised it sooner, and we should have also considered that a whole lot of people go out of town for Memorial Day weekend. Eh well. I think everyone who came had a smashing time.


Olympus said...

Hmmm. Whenever I drink mocktails alone (which is all the time), I just feel classy ... like one of those super rich people who has a drink before bed in their crazy gorgeous high rise loft.

But I guess that's me.

;) hahhahahahah

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