Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Like a month ago, ALL over campus, someone wrote ASK HER in big, like painted chalk letters.

As I walked under the tunnel from the stadium to campus ASK HER, ASK HER facing both directions, and HUGE. And I walked up past the gym towards my classes. In big letters and in a couple different places in front of the gym, ASK HER ASK HER. And then when I got up to the building where my classes were ASK HER was in huge letters there too. And by the student center. ASK HER was written all over the place.

I was so so curious. ASK HER what? Did he? Was someone proposing? What did she say? Or if it wasn't that, what did he ask? WHO thought someone should ASK HER? A few days went by, and there was nothing about it. So I was just curious. I took a picture with my phone so that I could blog about it. I talked to a couple people about it.

And after Fall Break, the letters were gone and I was still curious. I thought about obtaining chalk and writing a follow up question. WHAT DID SHE SAY? seemed long though.

And I don't know why I didn't blog about it before.

BUT THEN! This last weekend, I asked my coworker what he was doing for the weekend, and he said he was joining a fraternity, and I asked which one, and he told me and he said "the one who did the ask her thing." WHAT. I stopped everything. "OH!! You know about it! It was a fraternity thing? What was it? Who is she? Did someone ask? What did they ask?"

And he explained, that basically, they need some certain number of people to restart the fraternity on campus. People from the fraternity wrote ASK HER all over campus, and then some day afterward, a whole bunch of girls wore shirts that said ASK ME. And then you were supposed to ask them, and they passed out info about the fraternity.


He told me there had also been an article about it in our school paper. I found it. It's here. And here. I guess fraternities at a couple other schools have done it before too. And they were fined for violating campus posting rules. BEST $25 EVER. Except that I guess there are going to be vandalism charges of like $3000, too, which I don't understand why because it all seemed to wash off. It seemed like it was that street spray paint like they use for surveyors and big races, etc. Whatever.

And then there's another article about a guy who was inspired by the ASK HERs and actually did propose. Supposedly. And my coworker said that when he first saw them all, he was thinking about asking some girl out, and he thought maybe his roommate had done it because he had been talking about it and then his roommate was gone the night before. And he asked the girl out.

I'm just happy to know what it was all about.

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