Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Just staying busy.

Well, I haven't really blogged all that much lately.
I've been busy.

Here are the main things that have been happening in my life:

I attended concerts! I saw Weezer live, which was excellent, and then the next week I went to the Rock Band Live! concert, which was also very good. It converted me to liking Dashboard Confessional, which I never really cared for before the concert. I also really enjoyed seeing Panic! at the Disco, and thought they did a great job. (I went because they were playing.) Plain White T's was less impressive. For both concerts I had tickets that were down on the floor, and I invited a guy from my Institute up here in Salt Lake. We were super close--so close that we didn't watch the big screens because we could actually see the people singing and the expressions on their faces, etc, without needing to look at the big screen. (PS, the concert pictures are from my camera phone.)

I visited New England with my friends. We went to a Shaker village in New Hampshire, visited Dartmouth, and then we went to Sharon, Vermont, to see Joseph Smith's birthplace. We also went to Lexington and Concord (and saw the spot where "the shot heard 'round the world" was fired, and also saw a live reenactment of redcoat stuff), and we had a tour of Harvard Law school. And went to church in Boston, which was basically the same as church in Utah or church in California. The trip was my favorite thing I've done in a long time. I've decided that traveling with my friends is my favorite thing to do. Of everything.

I ran a 5K last Saturday, which was part of Wellness week on campus. The actual title of the race is "Run Like Health", but nobody actually pronounced the "th" on "Health" and I'm pretty sure that was intentional. I got a cool shirt from it, which I plan to really wear, unlike my other race shirts. Also, on the same topic, I've started running most days. And I like it. (I always wanted to like running!)

I had the kitties, which obviously I already blogged about. It's kind of weird now that they're gone, because I come home and I don't have to make sure the kitties don't run out as I'm coming in the door. And then I go take my shoes off, and I don't have to put them up high, because the kitties aren't going to snag them or chew on them. And I take my earrings out, and I don't have to put them up high either, because the kitties won't play with them or eat them. And my house doesn't smell like kitties or waste, even though I empty the litter box zero times per day. And I sleep well basically every night now. So. Sort of I miss them, and really I'm secretly relieved to have my house smell normal and all that. Even though they were cute.

I watched season one of Heroes, and I liked it. And now I'm watching season two. Claire is my favorite of all the characters. I also like Hiro. I've been kind of slow about watching my other shows. I'm just busy enough with everything else that like, The Office and HIMYM are not as important as they were. I also watched season one of Pushing Daisies and I love it. Actually, though, I still haven't bothered to plug in my TV yet, sooo, my TV viewing is basically all online or while I'm running.

I don't have any fancy hobbies right now, really. I had this great idea that I wanted to knit washcloths for all of my married friends (because I think they make a house a home), but Jess thought it was a stupid idea, because everyone uses sponges nowadays. And I guess she's right, so now I'm not excited about spending lots of time making something that nobody wants. Jess said I should knit hot pads instead. Meh. We'll see. So I knitted one washcloth to try out one of the patterns, but that's all of the knitting I've done lately. (Although now that it's cold, maybe I'll want to knit more scarves and hats and socks.) I haven't been spinning either.

Hobby updates: remember how I was all into gardening this summer? And I turned out to have not a green thumb at all, but like a thumb of death instead? I was at my old apartment a couple weeks ago and turns out, my tomato plants grew a tomato! One. That was green in the middle of October, so probably would never be red. Too bad, but still kind of neat, since I started the tomatoes as tiny seeds. My other hobby update is about CERT-- this week I finally got my card that shows that I did it.

OH! AND I have been shooting! I signed up for a Pistol Marksmanship class, and I've had three classes of it so far. LOVE IT! I've always wanted to try, and frankly, I'm not very good (yet!), but it sounded like a fun idea, and I'm enjoying it tremendously. I like just doing things instead of thinking and thinking about them forever. So this was one of those things.

I've also kind of become a football fan, which is way new for me. I'm in the student section at school, and I've been to a few of the games. This week we're playing against TCU, and we're having a blackout game, which is, get this, where everyone wears black. Even the players. It's supposed to look intimidating. I think it will. Except if tomorrow is anything like today, we'll be snowy black, which I think it more picturesque and not so intimidating, but whatever. Yesterday I picked up my MUSS BLACKOUT sweatshirt. I think the game will be fun. And more fun if we win. [Not my car; just one I saw.]

In other sports news, I'm ref'ing (sp?) volleyball games for the next couple weekends. RANDOM! I don't know anything about volleyball. But it's cool. I'll figure it out.

My classes are going pretty well. EXCEPT, turns out I love love Accounting, and really hate English [literature], which is unfortunate becuase the English major here isn't English. It's English [literature]. And if I switch to Accounting, I'm basically starting from square one (3 1/2 years of classes, for just my bachelors, because I have to go through the whole business school thing). But if I keep going with English, I have 1 1/2 years left instead. SO, not sure what I'm going to do about that.

And then I guess my last item of news is just about my new job. I started working there this Monday, and so far things are fine. I don't love it. It's okay, though. And there are some things that I do like about it. Like, yesterday, I got to check in a bunch of books we had lent out to other libraries, and a bunch of places put these little thank you notes in the books, and that made me happy. I also do a bunch of scanning, and that is less interesting. I'm happy to be working somewhere, though.

So that's good.


LJ said...

Why? Why are you cooler than me?

And your announcement came back again. Third time's the charm, I guess...can I get a new address? Though it's woefully after the fact?

Jessica said...

Good job updating.

But, to clarify, I did not say washcloths are stupid. I just said that I really, really love my knitted hot pad and if it takes the same amount of work, I'd rather have that because I use sponges.

Also, I have your Giving Tree now.

erin said...

If you love accounting and want to do it long term, most people become CPAs, so finish your English degree, work for a few years, go to business school. Diversity is good for business majors. Or, see if they have a business minor.

Word verification: monatore. Very cool.

Emily said...

Erin: [sigh] The business minor was what caused this whole thing to begin with.

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