Sunday, September 28, 2008


As I've been getting my house cleaned up (more about that later), I've been trying to decide what kind of pet to get. I want a dog.

But I know that I shouldn't really get a pet until my house is ready, and I shouldn't really get a pet until after I get back from my trip in October.

And that doesn't keep me from checking the Dogs and Cats categories of the KSL classifieds while I'm checking for furniture.


I saw a mama cat and some kittens that someone posted in the cats section; and you didn't have to keep them. They just needed a foster home. I could totally do that. Jess thought I would enjoy it too.

But they were in Roy (wherever the heck that is), so I checked with my Humane Society instead.

Turns out, they're always needing foster homes. I sent them an email and a couple days later I had a reply:

Hi Emily, I'm wondering if you would like to foster a Mama cat and 5 kittens that just came in today. They are about 5 weeks old so you would need to foster them for about a month...

It went on and told me I would need to have my own supplies (like a litter box and cat food), and that if I had other pets they needed to be current on their vaccinations, and to please be in touch if I would be able to take them.

So I called and told them I would.

And yesterday I picked up KIKI, an orange and white mama cat, and five LOUD kittens. There are three boys and two girls. Of the boys, there are two orange kitties that look like twins. The third boy is a white kitty with orange-tipped ears and an orangeish tail. For the girls, there is a little furry gray one, and also a calico that is white with spots of light orange and gray. They are very cute.

They're five weeks old, which is little. They have their eyes open and can walk around, and play a little bit with each other, but they don't have much coordination. They meow a lot. The little calico girl purrs.

Keek, as soon as I let her check out the house, decided she's tired of the kittens. I don't blame her; I am too! Instead of hanging out with her noisy, clawing kittens, she follows me around the house. She purrs and purrs, and just follows me everywhere. Last night she decided at like 2:30 am that she wanted attention, so she came over to where I was sleeping. In the past we've had cats that bite your toes while you're sleeping, to get your attention. Keek didn't do that, though. She licked my nose. Random!

So, yeah. I have six cats now. I'm supposed to keep them for a month, and take them in for their second set of shots and to be spayed/neutered, and then when they're big enough they go back to the Humane Society to get their real homes.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick post about this. I'll probably take (and post!) pictures of the kitties tomorrow when the light is better. They're super cute.


erin said...

A few things. 1) When is your trip? 2) Where are you going? 3) When can I come see your kitties?

Emily said...

1) It isn't a super long trip; it's just 23ish - 26 Oct.

2) I'm going to Boston and maybe Maine.

3) Whenever you want!

Olympus said...

This is the best idea I've ever heard of. You can always have the cute little baby animals!