Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Web Presence

Something I really do love about Google Analytics is that you can see the search terms people used to find your blog.

For a long time I've seen certain keywords. People find my blog all the time by searching for "list of things to be thankful for", "thankful list", and "list of things that make me happy" and those sorts of phrases. Today I decided to take a look at my site over the past year. Here are some of the things I've found:

Most popular blog entry: Things I'm Thankful For (201 visits)
Ted Mosby is a Jerk (196 visits)
Black Fur hats (172 visits)

There's a big drop off here,
Why I Hate Poetry (92 visits)
Save the Whales (88 visits)
Netflix Free Month (85 visits)

On Google, my blog comes up...
as the 5th result (out of 11,900,000 results!) for... list of things to be thankful for
as the 4th result for... i hate ted mosby
as the 14th result for... ted mosby
as the 8th result for ... how to repair a busby hat [which is interesting because my blog has nothing about that]
as the 4th result (of 2,100,000) for ... tall black fur hat
as the 6th result for ... bearskin bamboo cage [ooookay.]
as the 7th result (of 528,000) for ... hate poetry

Some interesting search keywords that have led people to my blog include:

- "20, 23, 28, 14, 17, 22, 11"
- "difference between treated and untreated wood" [undoubtedly from the post about visiting the Man Mall and building my garden box]
- "i ordered from threadless [looking for testimonials? Threadless often has good stuff. Go for it!]
- "sun-in" permanent hair color reaction [definitely from my post about Jess and I dying our sister's hair]
- "supposed to snow next week"
- "sweet lifestyle" she has a [I love that this brought up my blog, but I'm not sure why it did...]
- +waterproof +shuffle -swimman -otter +superglue [my site is totally otter free.]
- a birthday poem for someone who has died
- accidentally dyed black help [AWESOME.]
- baby leeches
- can a store owner lock you in a room because she owns the store [whaaaat?]
- cats like poprocks [also, pop rocks and cats, and poprocks for cats] [aww, poor Abby]
- do artichokes have strychnine
- do those giant tomato plant really work on tv
- exercises to strengthen spleen [Wanna buy tickets? (To what?) To the spleen show!]
- funny poems about dads who have died [sad...]
- geocache naked [also, geocaching naked and naked geocaching]
- growing cannabis with beans
- homemade duct tape mannequin
- i keep touching my nose stressball
- joy of killing a mondo size fly [I just feel so!]
- my students hate poetry what can I do [aw! sad! poor teacher!]
- pee holes [?]
- personal finance poems [do these exist? Here is a personal finance haiku: Saving money now/ I put money in the bank/Somehow it will grow.]
- should I get a male or female psychologist
- squeezing balls to make a guy pass out [yikes]
- strange feeling in fingers, when I touch things they feel like plastic [watch out, yo, numbness in fingers is a symptom of diabetes]
- twitter lame [plurk is so much better]
- why do people like machu picchu [because it's awesome]
- why lady like body of other lady
- will duct tape ruin clothes
- yam + jokes [I yam so happy you are Googling yam jokes!]

I think those were the most random ones.

Anyway, how bout everyone else? What has been your most popular entries? What random keywords have brought people to your blog?

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