Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Moving again. Part 1.

I got kicked out of my house. After living there for two days.

This is such a crazy story.

SO, I've been looking for a new apartment for a while. I actually had to be out of my old apartment a week and a half ago, and I've been staying with Jess' in-laws.

Last Sunday, a girl called me about an ad I put up at the U of U Institute, saying that I was looking for an apartment. She had moved into a house and there was an open room. It cost more than I had really wanted to pay, but it was in THE MOST EXCELLENT location. And since I don't have a car, and since I really needed somewhere to move to, I told her I was very interested. I asked if it had the Internet, and not just wifi (I have to be able to connect my computer for work), and she confirmed that it had already been ordered. I asked if I could see it Monday morning. She said I could if it was still available; it was first-come first-served, and there were other people interested too.

But I have no car, so I told her I'd call tomorrow, and if it was available, great, and if not, I supposed I would find something else.

It was available! I skipped my Institute class Monday afternoon and went to check it out. The house was across the street from the U of U law school. It was a block from TRAX (the train system). The house was set back from the street a bit and had a pretty yard with lots of landscaping and fruit trees and stuff. It was cute!

The girl who lived there was cute, too. She showed me the house, and my room was apart from hers (which is good since I work nights and chatter on the phone for work). I was somewhat surprised to learn that although it was an LDS-standards house, it would be girls upstairs and guys downstairs. The girl, Courtney, was upstairs, and she would have a roommate. Downstairs there was the captain of the soccer team, and a guy named Carlos, and the guy who owned the house. The laundry room (downstairs), and the kitchen and living room (upstairs) were shared, but there would be a door installed between the upstairs and downstairs, which could be locked from either side.

She said the landlord was a little slow, and that it was best to talk to him slowly and about one thing at a time, but that he was very good at doing things to improve the house. For example, she brought white chairs for the kitchen, and he painted the kitchen table white to match them. Great! Everyone always hopes for a landlord that will respond quickly.

I said that it looked good, but I just really needed to have the Internet. Courtney understood. I told her to call me when she knew how long it would be before it was installed.

The next day I got a call from the landlord. He said that he had already requested the Internet a few days ago, and that Comcast had told him it would be a few days. I said I just needed to be sure the Internet would be on, and he said "WELL, COME SIGN THEN!" He said he would get me a printout showing that it had been ordered, and he said he couldn't keep following up on it but he said he would get me the number and I can call about it as much as I want.

I said okay, and I went to sign the contract.

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