Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Worth reading: word to your mother

So guys, I'm adding another link to the side of my blog and you should check it out.

It's called 'word to your mother' and it's a girl, well, actually a mom, who blogs. She's pretty awesome. I think her blog was one on a page of suggested reading from Google Reader.

If I'm friends with you on Google, then you've probably seen a few things of hers that I've shared. If not, you should make haste and check out:
Her post that includes the Wonder Sauna Hot Pants, which still amaze me.

Her post and follow-up post about her new cat. Hilarious!

Or there's this. Or this. Or this.

And she's doing a giveaway right now, so if you want you can enter for that, too.

(Her blog sometimes reminds me of Seriously, so blessed! except that it isn't fake.)

Anyway, that's all.

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