Saturday, October 11, 2008

Apartment Fun!

This morning, it was still dark when I woke up to the cat peeing on my bed. On the right of my head. Near my hand. Getting my cellphone wet.
"KEEEEEEEEEK," I groaned. "Youstuuuuuuuupidcat." The words slurred because I was still mostly asleep. She's pooped on my kitchen floor. She's pooped on and wet my couch and a blanket. And now my bed? UGHH. I hate this dumb cat.
But then she moved to the other side, and my phone kept getting wet. Huh?

So I sat up. And I realized that water was coming through my ceiling. A little bit right by me, and a lotta bit across the room.

I got up and turned the lights on, and put bowls out (THANK YOU, SMITHY'S for only selling sets of bowls when I needed one bowl to make Muddy Buddys last week!). I mopped. And mopped. And I moved my backpacking-backpack which had gotten wet. And I moved my free-from-school planner which I don't use anymore (and now couldn't if I wanted to because it was destroyed). And I mopped.

Apparently, the big crack across my ceiling is not just decorative--it's functional. Who knew?!

I looked outside to see if it was raining. It wasn't. But, I could tell when I went by the window, our boiler had been turned on. My house is finally warm. Huh. Must have had something to do with that.

The thing that really puzzled me was, I have hardwood floors everywhere in my house except my kitchen and bathroom. One thing I remember from California about hardwood floors is, if they get wet (even a little bit, repeatedly), they buckle. And the floors beneath the huge crack were very old and still very flat. Makes no sense.

I was still tired, so after the bowls were out, I went back to bed. The water wasn't gushing, or anything. Just dripping pretty quickly in like four places. Also, the big part of the crack is right by a wall that I share with a neighbor, so I'm sure it must affect him, too.

As I was falling back asleep, the dripping slowed. And then it seemed to stop. When I woke up for real-morning, it was almost like it had never happened. The floor was pretty dry. My stuff wasn't really too wet either. It came and went just like someone's turn in a game of Jumanji. The bowls were still out, though. The ceiling has water stains. The floor isn't quite as flat as it was.

The heat is still on, though, so hopefully it's just a starting-the-boiler thing. Or something.
(PS, the blue bucket was my mop bucket, so it already had some water in it when this started.)


LJ said...

Don't you just feel like a pioneer now? I sure do, just reading that. Wahoo.

zookeeper08 said...

My favorite line from this whole post is "Apparently, the big crack across my ceiling is not just decorative--it's functional. Who knew?!"

And points to you for the Jumanji reference! Glad things were better in the morning. Middle-of-the-night surprises are rarely good, IME.