Friday, October 10, 2008

Mustache Party?!

Today I bought some Body Shop oils to help me survive the awful cat stench. [NB: I clean the litter box multiple times per day, so I'm not a gross cat person, they just stink.]

I needed at least one tea-light to warm the stuff.

Smithy's didn't really have any except fancy expensive ones with pictures of spiders and Halloweeny things.

So I went to the Halloween store in search of just regular 'ole tea-light candle thingies. I expected I'd have to buy a big pack, but I was wrong--they didn't even have them. They just had the votive ones. So I got one of those instead.

But what I also found, which I'd never dreamed of before, was a MUSTACHE PARTY.

Whaaaattt? I had to have it. Because that would be a super fun party! So now I'm deciding whether I have 12 friends that would come, or 24. I'm planning to throw the party sometime after my house is clean and pretty (and cat-free).

This is an actual picture which I nabbed from an online store. Mine look the same. And below that is someone else's invitation. Doesn't it already make you wish you could come to this most excellent party?


MamaErin said...

Oh Emily how I wish we lived closer to each other... I totally miss your random (and awesome!) ideas!

Genuine Draft said...

I found some mustaches like those once, only they had one for each day of the week. I've been looking for more, and now I know to look no further.