Monday, October 06, 2008

Moving again. Part 7. New House.

When we last left my moving story, I had moved out of the house that was in an excellent location but had a really weird landlord.

I was supposed to have a man call on the 15th to get my deposit back.

I was back in Draper with Jessica's in-laws again.

WELL, I kept not finding anything close to school, and I kept not finding anything available before October, until finally! I got a call about the house I had checked out right before I saw the one that I moved into. And I could move in!

So I had my phone line transferred again. I had the Internet set up. And I moved again!

This time, my house is really excellent. It was remodeled during I think World War II, if I remember correctly. They took a house and turned it into four totally separate apartments for officers, who were stationed at Ft. Douglas (?), which is up the street.
My Very Favorite Thing about this apartment is, since it was remodeled during the war, there wasn't exactly iron to go around. It was being used to make ammo and other war related goodies. And see, usually, bathtubs are porcelain-coated iron. So my bathtub is tiled instead. It's a box which has tile on the bottom and tile on the sides. It really is amazing.

Also, I'm pretty sure my house has not actually been cleaned since then either. It's kind of disgusting. Everything is caked in gross. Everything needs cleaning. Everything needs scrubbing. I started by cleaning the front door and my shower and antique bathtub. I've cleaned the kitchen cupboards, and part of my fridge and part of my stove. I'm looking forward to using my fall break to clean. I really, honestly, cannot understand how the girl before me lived like this. I really don't get it.

Anyway, it's mine now, and I love it. (I've been here for a few weeks.)

Another thing I would love is, my deposit back, from the stupid house with stupid Jeff. Well, Jessica's father-in-law has been calling Jeff since the middle of September, and he of course does not answer his phone.

On Thursday I was passing by, because I was headed up to campus for the farmer's market, and it looked kind of like Jeff didn't live there anymore. No way. There was carpet that had obviously been removed from the house, and a curious note on the front door that referred to another note which I expected to find on the back door, but nothing was there. I left.

And then this weekend, my little sister Tracy and her husband were in town. And on a double date with Tracy and her husband and his friend, somehow I mentioned something about this ridiculous ordeal, and Tracy didn't know what I was talking about. WHAT. Do you read my blog? She said she does sometimes, but she feels kind of like maybe she's reading private stuff, like it's my journal. I assured her that I really don't post anything private. And then everyone wanted to hear the story.

So I told them.

I told them about my desperate search for housing, and about finding the cute little house that was in such a perfect location. I told them about how Jeff was a little weird and turned out to be insane. I told them about moving in and about moving out, and about my roommates that I knew for just a couple days and became good friends with. I told them about the police and about the 15th of September and they were amazed. My date finally went home at almost 2 am, because the story was so long. That's a little late.

And then, when Tracy and Freddy brought me back up to Salt Lake yesterday, Tracy wanted to see the house from the story. So we went past...


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