Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cat update

The kitties are getting bigger.

The two orange ones look less alike. The darker orange one has started sometimes purring when I pick him up. He's also more active than most of the other kittens. And he sometimes will sit still with me for a little bit. The lighter one is less interested in me [note: he slept in my lap while I uploaded pictures for this post, though] and playing and has a sore eye, poor kitty. Both of the orange kitties like playing with plastic bags. Actually, I think all of the kitties do.

The white cat doesn't cry nearly as much as he used to. He's really pretty now; he has orange His ears are orange, and his tail, and his nose, and they fade to white. As of a couple days ago, he thinks I taste good. Or something. When I pick him up, he starts licking my shirt or my arm. He especially likes to do this after I go running, because I'm salty. Randomly, the white kitty developed a fear of heights. When I hold him, or go to put him down, he clings and starts meowing, totally freaked out.

The gray cat has become fascinated with cords. She likes to bother my computer, the telephone cord, my hair straightener cord, my phone charger, etc. I have to pick her up and find new things for her to do. The gray cat looks less mangy, and doesn't crouch when she's walking now (usually). She'll be a pretty cat when she grows out of her ugly kitten phase.

The calico little girl is about the same. She's still sweet. She still purrs when I pick her up. She's very curious. She likes yarn. Her fur is very soft. She likes to pick on her brothers.

Most of the kitties are doing much better with knowing when to use claws, and when not to. They're all doing a great job of using the litter box.

Their mom isn't. Kiki is the same as before, except more annoying. She still doesn't use her litter box all the time. She has started rummaging through my kitchen trash when I leave the house. She keeps trying to run outside. A couple times she's gotten out without me realizing it, just as I'm coming home. Except! There's an entryway to my apartment and my neighbor's apartment; so even if Keek makes it out of my door, she would have to conquer another door to actually get outside. Which obviously, she can't. So she starts crying and wants back in, and I let her in. Stupid cat. So I think whoever adopts Kiki should want an outside cat. Because she sucks at being an inside cat, but she would probably be pretty nice as an outside one. And she wants to go out anyway.


Julianne said...

Hey Emily! I found your blog through Jessica's one. Those are REALLY cute kittens! Are you finding them new homes? Where are you living now? SLC? Are you going to the U? I hope you're doing great. Feel free to check out my blog too.

Anonymous said...

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