Monday, October 06, 2008

Moving again. Part 8. Guy With Gold Foot Gets Evicted.

We stopped at the house and got out.

There was a VACANT sign on the mailbox.

The barbecue was gone.

The swing on the lawn was gone.

The fruit trees were gone.

There were mattresses on the side of the house.

The note on the front door was gone, but there was one on the side entrance (which I hadn't noticed on Thursday). It read: "Jeff S[last name] This home is under survailence. If you enter it or are seen on this property the police will be called. Reynold Cell [cell number]" Bizarre.

Of the covered garages, one was open and empty. The other one was closed. When I lifted the door, I saw the couch and chairs in the back of the garage and a little pile of firewood, and that was pretty much it.

I called Carlos. He and I were preparing to take Jeff to small claims court. What do we do now? I left him a message.

Then I called Reynold. I told him I saw the sign and I had been renting from Jeff when Jeff owned the house, and I lived there for two days and he kicked me out. I told him I'm trying to get my deposit back, and I wanted to know what the situation was with Jeff. I told him I wondered if they knew where he was, and I asked what the situation was.

Reynold said Jeff had never owned the house, that Jeff was renting from him. He said that Jeff hadn't paid his rent. He owed Reynold a lot of money. He had done a lot of damage to the property. He had misrepresented the situation with who was living in the house. He said they had evicted Jeff on 1 October.

I asked if Jeff even really had an excavation business.

Reynold said he thinks so. He said Jeff brought a Bobcat to the house and destroyed the property next door. He said they should have evicted him when he first started doing that stuff. He said Jeff has a minor handicap, and they were more patient with him than they should have been. He said Jeff is slow and with attitude.

The reason the sign was up, is, Jeff has threatened to cause damage to the property. (Poor Reynold!)

Reynold had heard that Jeff was moving to 27th South 13th East, but he said he'd been by the area a few times and not seen any of Jeff's vehicles.

I asked if he had Jeff's Drivers License number, or any identifying information that I could have to help with getting my deposit back. He said he would check with Will and see if they got that and he said he would call me back. [He hasn't called back in the past day.]

I called Carlos, and we talked about it. He said he had just just gotten Danielle's number. Danielle is a girl that Courtney had known, who was planning to sue Jeff for her money back. We hadn't really heard anything about it since Carlos and I got kicked out, though. He gave me the number and I said I'd call and find out how her stuff was going.

I called Danielle, and she was excited to hear from me. She didn't know about Carlos and I.

She was going to sue Jeff, but when the people tried to serve him papers, they couldn't ever find him. She says she's sure he's spent her money anyway, so she's suing Will and Reynold or whatever instead. They knew that he was doing bad stuff and didn't do anything about it, so it was their fault too. They have a court date in November.

There's a girl who is helping Danielle, who has been through it all before, or something, and just really wants to help. She really knows her stuff, Danielle said. She gave me her number and suggested I call her. She's helping some other girls who got kicked out before Danielle.

Danielle's story was, she and another girl were moving in. They thought it was a house of only girls. They had the basement room, downstairs, next door to Jeff. Danielle's friend moved her stuff in one night. The next morning? (I forget when) she was showering. Jeff opened the door and looked in for like 20 seconds. It totally freaked out her friend, because she didn't even know anyone else lived there. Let alone a man. Jeff called Danielle all mad because I guess her friend had moved in late the night before, and was loud. But they had thought the house was empty, so who cares. And I guess they talked.

When Danielle found out Jeff was living there too, she moved out the next day. She had paid like $850 and lived there for two days. Jeff at first said he wouldn't give her money back. Then he said he would. Then he said he wouldn't again.

Also, when the girl who is helping Danielle with the legal stuff looked Jeff up, I guess he's been arrested four times. For like domestic violence or disturbing the peace or something, and possession of illegal substances. (!)

So I finished talking to Danielle and let Carlos know about that.

AND THEN! Today Carlos texted me saying he has Jeff's personal number, and maybe we can use that to somehow find him? (Not sure how, but cool.)

He said he has it because Jeff was texting Courtney a couple nights ago!!! He was sending scary, weird stuff. Courtney replied because she didn't know who it was, and after a bit she called her dad to check the number. That was when she realized it was him.

I asked what Jeff had texted to Courtney. (Like, why is he even texting her when he kicked her out like 5 or 6 weeks ago?) Carlos said:

"Oh. Freaky stuff. I was there. Things like, 'a woman should learn loyalty' and 'this is the guy with the gold foot'. I don't know, he's scary."

This is the guy with the gold foot? What does that even mean?

Anyway. I will, of course, continue to update this story as more happens.

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